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natural disaster. my husband kept jumping on me, but i'm like get off me and get the power to work. because there's things i have batteries for but, you know... >> joy: tune in to current tv tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern for comics with benefits and help those impacted by hurricane sandy. we'll see you next time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." perhaps a little presidential hypocrisy on drugs. remember when he said this? >> when i was a kid i -- i inhaled frequently. that was the point. >> cenk: yeah, well we got a guest on the show today being targeted by that same president
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for selling legal pot in california. that should be really interesting. south korea, what are they doing right with their educational system. is it this? >> the virtual teacher leaves this 16-year-old with virtually no time off. >> we work harder. >> cenk: he studies until midnight, gets up at 6:00 in the morning. that's crazy but a really interesting story. we'll talk about it a little bit later. >> you think our politicians fight? get a load of this. [ bell rings ] >> cenk: damn familiar we'll get to that and tell you where that's from. down goes susan rice. the republicans got her. also on the show, an unbelievable injustice regarding the bankers. don't miss that story. and elbow of the day brings back
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some justice. all right. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: you know the fiscal cliff negotiations continue. today, john boehner walked out of congress and walked towards the white house. they are going to continue to talk about -- there he is, doing it. duh-duh-duh-duh duh-duh. how are things going in congress? well, let's take a look. oh, my god what are they doing to each other? don't do it! there's some chance this might not be the u.s. congress.
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if it was in the house of representatives, i guess they'd be going house. all right. that happened in the ukraine. not only did i enjoy that fight people climbing on one another to get into the fight i loved the quote afterwards: >> cenk: oh, i see. they're worse off than we are. let's bring in michael shure to talk about boehner and how this nonsense is shaping up. good to see you. >> i think i have a little ukrainian in me, too. >> cenk: it's cool, it's cool, man. let's start with boehner. today he came out and gave the same stonewall answer that he always does, saying hey i want low taxes for the top 2%, i don't want to raise their taxes at all. what's amazing is how similar
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his language is to the same things he said back in 1993 dealing with president clinton. watch that. >> we republicans are rely gated to the sidelines even though we have a solid plan ready to go to reduce the deficit a plan with no tax increases and true cuts in government spending. >> the president still has not made an offer that meets those two standards but republicans have. >> president can talk about deficit reduction and spending cuts all he wants. the problem is that's not what his program's all about. >> while the president promise the american people a balanced approach his proposals have been anything but. >> clinton must understand that he has to cut spending for real. he has to reduce the deficit. for real. it's clear the president's just not serious about cutting spending. but spending is the problem. >> michael here's my question. does he know that he's the bad guy? because in 1993, he said all these terrible things that would
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happen under clinton. it turned out nothing happened. the opposite happened. he created 23 million jobs. does he think i'm going to lie again here? >> i don't know. i don't know how he can believe what he's saying. he just looks like an ass out there now. when you look at what they tried to do during the clinton years it's absolutely consistent with what he's trying to do right now. when he accuses the president they are holding a harder line on the taxing of the top 2%. it keeps not working for him because 25% of the people support him in this. that means 75% don't. >> cenk: all across the media they are reporting this number from a wall street journal owned by murdoch and nbc combined,
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saying 65% say: >> cenk: when i saw that number in the morning, i said i don't believe it. eye? not because i don't agree with it no. because i have seen dozens of polls that say the opposite, no way should you cut social security and medicare. i had, i pulled up the poll and looked into the phrasing of the question and here's when it saysful. >> cenk: on the specific one we just showed you, it says which. >> it didn't say anything about social security. >> it's not in there at all. this is another aspecific poll, saying do you think the president had a mandate to fix the finances of the country and 65% of the people think they do, without talking about social security and medicare at all. >> cenk: number one, why is the media lying about that, and i
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mean, i guess i know how they're getting away with it, all doing the same thing but what's their motivation to stick social security and med in there when it's not in the question? >> reducing spending obviously is going to come from there because that's what they want. the media likes to fight. they like to see john boehner out there being a fool and see how the president deals with him. boner went to the white house. they're still working on this thing. if nothing gives with the republicans, boehner is going to lose and so are the republicans. i think it's an unusual situation for him to be in. >> an article said part of the reason the republicans are not giving any spending cuts, because there are none. we're at historically low records for us. when you compare us to other developed countries what we spend on social security, social services, et cetera are incredibly low.
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they have no spending cuts to make in reality. if they cut further, it is going to be unbelievably draconian. >> the bald audacity of this idiot coming back to the white house saying we're not going to do anything on these top 2%, on the rate. the president just won reelection. the people have spoken and boehner isn't listening. >> cenk: i want to move to another important story susan rice. she just resigned -- >> she didn't resign. >> cenk: stepping away from the possibility of being the secretary of state. she appeared to be the top candidate. >> she was never nominated her name was never put into nomination. they've just been doing this dance. >> cenk: obviously she was going to be nominated otherwise you wouldn't need all this. she put out a letter saying:
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>> cenk: you know, it reminded me of van j east-southeast's resignation letter: >> so, as i look at the that, i think well, mission accomplished, the republicans did it seen. >> first of all, van jones was already in the job. the white house didn't give him the support he needed. maybe republicans took hip down at that point. it was a different time. right now the president won reelection. he was opposed from the very get go. you had john mccain doing it, the problems that susan rice had were there weren't enough democrats that thought she had the personality that was required to be secretary of state. >> cenk: i don't know what that means. what does that mean? i think that's a load of crop. >> i don't think that's a load
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of crap. >> cenk: that's the kind of stuff they used to say against robert dean. >> you have friends with weird temperaments. i've got a friend, cenk. >> cenk: i have a weird temperament. >> i sort of know what it means. i don't know that i'm right but people have talked about this as being a problem for her. democrats, when you don't see them coming out there with strong crazy support and they're not angry about what these senators doing after an election, there is something there. i think there may be something there. the point is she came in, said she's not going to do it. john mccain got what he wanted and that is really frustrating. that was one of the republican victories you were alluding to. >> likely candidate for defense turns out to be chuck hagel former republican of nebraska. they keep nominating republicans for defense, proving the republican point that we're great on defense which i think
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is a terrible idea. you lose susan rice. they might put john kerry, in which case scott brown might come into the senate. >> did you deval patrick is a candidate. the other side of the coin that you talked about was in tells of, you know the way that john mccain operates and the way john mccain, that is the problem. you see carey hagel and mccain. the idea that mccain is happy that they will be there means it is a republican victory. >> cenk: john kerry. >> cenk: of course it is. i'll tell you the real problem. we're out of time, but the real problem in summary is they don't have the let's put it this way guts, i could have gone with a different body part for a fight.
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whenever there's a fight, run for the hills. oh my god, they said something bad about susan rice, oh, pie god, let's run let's run, let's run. the minute they said something bad, i would have thrown it down and said let's go, let's go. i just won the election. >> how do you know john kerry wasn't also a top choice here. >> cenk: whatever. come on, you know it was susan rice. >> i don't know it. i know there were political ram if i cases to naming kerry. >> cenk: republicans got exactly what they wanted. >> they did. >> cenk: which is usually what happens under the obama administration. when we come back, a woman who gets fired for a poll light response to a racist comment about her. oh man it's sick. >> i'm ok with not everybody liking me, that's fine, but a lot of our comments as of late have come across more racist than anything. >> cenk: we'll talk to that reporter live. she's right there. when we come back, we'll talk to
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her and then awkward questions as well. lots of those in the press these days. >> governor, i feel very uncomfortable asking this question when i'm sitting opposite you but you are a little overweight. >> more than a little. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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>> back on the "young turks." there's a meteorologist who's working in louisiana and apparently getting these comments on line that were a little bit ridiculous. led me read one. they said: >> cenk: now why we would care about what you think is an interesting question, but apparently everybody has to
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pass this hair test. here's a picture of rhonda lee. there's of course, nothing wrong with her. that's how she wears her hair. she wrote back of the. >> cenk: that makes section. she went on to say: >> cenk: so, obviously outrangous, how could she have possibly done that. this caused concern by her employer. i'm still trying to find out what's wrong with those statements. i can't find out.
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this emmet writes in again the three minute smile where they give away a shopping spree for kids. he writes in and says: >> and then rhonda writes back. >> cenk: again a very fair question but apparently her station ktbs tv did not agree. they fired her. every type i read this story i'm like really? when i get to that point really, they fired her over that? amazing to me. they say they put out a state object august 30 that said: >> cenk: well, lucky for us, we have rhonda lee with us right now on skype. we are going to talk to her
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about whether or not that is true. great to have you here. >> thank you very much for having me. >> now they say that they gave you the policy and that you didn't follow it. is that true? >> not at all, in the very least. typically policies have specific rules and perhaps even consequences definitions of what is or what isn't, what constitutes, what have you. there is nothing of this sort, not in my policy handbook, anyway. as far as the email goes, it says generally if people are not happy with for whatever reason, unhappy, upset for whatever reason to contact them. i honestly did no see that viewer as being upset with anything. it was his opinion. it was just a simple comment and i addressed it as such. to peg it as an instance where i disobeyed any rules, i don't at all see it like that. as far as being repeatedly told to do this.
4:19 pm
the first message regarding my hair, i brought that to management's attention in the first place. i wrote them a note, gave them a screen grab to my news director that said at the bottom of it sometimes our comments are just beginning to get straight up racist and i included that as an example. i hoped to form a policy of some kind and maybe we could block some of the more offensive facebook posts on there and maybe help to maintain a good educational forum in which we can have a civil discourse i believe is the phrase that i used. i never heard a reply back, but however, i went to the g.m.'s office shortly this afternoon and was told ran da, frankly if you get messages like this, you should have just thanked them for watching was what i was told by our general manager and let management know if there is an
4:20 pm
instance. i can honestly say i didn't find it to be controversial. they said if there was any controversial to let them know, but in my case i did not find it to be controversial. nor the one about the kids, also. i don't find racial issues to be controversial. if we talk about them openly, we might not have to worry about these coming up at all. >> cenk: why do you think they really find you? >> i think they didn't want me to post. i don't have any reason to believe anything else. during my termination, i asked wasn't i an exemplary employee. my boss said yes. i said so i haven't done anything else wrong, it's just a post and he said yes. and they maintained that sail stance when i went in to plead for my case just last week, just last friday. i asked again number one, to
4:21 pm
see the policy, and they said there wasn't one. they had absolutely nothing to show me, so that's why when this mystery paper showed up on monday out of the blue, i was rather surprised because i asked for something in my hand or for them to point something to me twice. >> cenk: do you think they are worried about their audience in the accepts that if a lot of the audience does feel that way right or wrong we don't want to alienate them. >> i feel they don't want to trample on anyone's freedom of speech. i'm all for that, as long as it's civil. i feel that the station has some kind of responsibility to protect their employees, if nothing else and also just maintain a civil discourse. i don't think there's any wrong with taking hurtful comments off of their website. one thing that i did mention to my boss during the second meeting that we had which was for the three minute smile remark was that if we don't take those comments off we condone
4:22 pm
them. that's paramount to see it's ok to talk badly about block kids or in my personal case with my hair it's ok to talk badly about our reporters for things that they can't change about themselves, not that i want to change being black or my hair. i told them i feel it condos if we don't do something about it. >> if they asked you to come back, would you come back? >> i would consider it. i would definitely consider it. i love shreveport. i love my coworkers. it was hurtful to have to leave that job that i loved. >> cenk: of course. anytime you get fired for what appears to be incredibly poor reasons, it's hurtful. no question. thank you for joining us on the "young turks," we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> cenk: when we come back, well, you know, we've given you the story about finland and how
4:23 pm
they've achieved incredible success in education. so that south korea. what can we learn from them? >> on my high school days, i go to school at 6:20 in the morning. school ended up around midnight. so, it was stressed out. >> yeah, and there's some injustice in the show as you saw. the elbow of the day will be all about justice. somebody's leaving and will get an elbow on their head as he walk out.
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>> cenk: we shared with you stunning numbers from finland and their educational system and what an unbelievable success they had over there. now we've got a story about another country kicking our ass in that category, south korea. anna's got more. >> they are known for their very rig rouse curriculum. they don't focus on physical activity, art or music but they do focus a lot when it comes to three subjects, reading with, math and science. let's look at the rankings to see where the u.s. falls and south korea falls. coming in first in china, south korea, then finland and an u.s.a. number 24. math is similar:
4:27 pm
>> cenk: we're number one. >> now similar story again when it comes to science: >> that in in a's really kicking our ass. >> cenk: that would be another segment. >> cenk: number one. >> now barack obama has been on the record saying really great things about the educational system in south korea. let's take a look. >> our children, listen to this, our children spend over a month less in school than children in south korea every year. that's no way to prepare them for a 21st century economy. >> well, he's right. if you look at the number, south korea spends 220 days a year in class, in the u.s., 180 days per year. in finland it's 190. with south korea and finland you have two opposite ends of the spectrum. turns out both work. we can have a discussion as to
4:28 pm
what's better, but whatever the u.s. is doing that's not working. when it comes to education funding in korea basically it's the number one in family spending on private education including test preparation. if you can remember what we did when it came to finland, they do not have private schools at all. in the u.s., we have a mix of both. let's take a quick look at a pbs documentary on the educational system in south korea. >> 25-year-old kim a student at s.d.p. said his hard-charging mother had him even as a young child attending specialized cram schools every day. >> for a 10-year-old boy that was a big deal and that was a big pressure for me. throughout middle school and high school, the burton group in my high school days, i had to go to school like 6:20 and school ended up around midnight. >> now, south korea's obviously
4:29 pm
a story of success but you know if their educational format is the right fit for the u.s. fortunately, cenk has a great guest on the show today to discuss that a little more. >> cenk: thank you. dr. hanicheck, thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm pleads that you'd have me. >> cenk: no problem with that great honor to have you here. really broad question, obviously south korea's doing something right. is there anything we can say out of the many different factors they are doing differently than us, one or or two that really stand out is that's probably the reason for their success. >> well, i think that they have several going on, but the families are all focused on education, because they know success is going to come through getting into the right colleges and doing well. they also place a huge emphasis
4:30 pm
on teachers and quality teachers. i had a former p.h.d. student who for the last 12 years on teacher day has sent me a card commemorating the fact that i was his teacher. it's just that teachers are very central to the whole economy and they produce. >> so that's interesting because that might be the one thing that really connects from the finland because they are such different systems. in finland, they have the lowest number of hours that kids stay in school of any of the developed nations but yet score so highly. i want to play a quick clip from the report about finland for you. >> the 11-year-old's french is not their second, but their third language. when they're 13, some will speak a fourth. and their effortless ease in achieving quality education is shown off by one statistic.
4:31 pm
they have the least number of class hours per week in the developed world and get the best results. >> cenk: fascinating we have two systems that seem so disparate but get great results. >> the common bond is the quality of teachers. all of the research in the united states points to the quality of teachers as being the central role, and as we see it going into these other countries, teachers well respected. my six answer that can be transferred across countries is that the top performing countries do not allow bad teachers to stay in the classroom for very long. that's quite different than countries that do poorly. one way or another and it's fought all the same system, they convince the bad teachers that they should be doing something else, and not staying in the classroom. >> so, that's interesting.
4:32 pm
i definitely agree that the teachers as a huge part of their equation finland pays their teachers incredibly well and it's among the most coveted professions in the country. i wonder if it sends a message about the value of education when they value their teachers, monetarily and otherwise. that it becomes a signal in this category education matters a lot. >> i'm not sure wimp ways the causal arrow goes, whether valuing our teachers leads them to value education or the opposite, but in finland and korea, students recognize that performing well is going to count. in the clip you had about the korean student i think actually understated the case as i know it. a former colleague of mine, who university of rochester where i
4:33 pm
was, left and went back to korea, had his kindergartener in extra school so that she could learn the korean alphabet so that she would be prepared in the first grade. that goes on and on. they just know that success eventually on the college entrance exam is going to affect their entire life, and so they're focused on it. >> cenk: is it possible they've gone too far? maybe it's because i'm an american. i value education tremendously, but having your 10-year-old stay at school until midnight sounds mental to me. >> sure, i think that they possibly go too far. they've had great ongoing debates in korea, because they're worried that their system doesn't produce enough creativity. they see the u.s. and they cecil cone valley where we are and they see all the in no vision and say that's what we want, we
4:34 pm
want innovation. maybe it's the loose american schools that do it. i think there they would make a mistake, because they are teaching skills that would be valued in the united states. the korean economy doesn't value it quite as much. >> all right doctor, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, now, when we come back, oh man this next story makes me so angry. what the bankers got away with is literally criminal. >> there will be no prosecution of the bank or its top executives despite a decade of dealing with criminals and terrorists. >> cenk: later, we will talk about president obama's war on drugs. might be a little bit of hypocrisy there. >> u.s. attorney mill linda hague wants to oh close the nation's model dispensary, simply because we've done too good a job. fraud on wall street. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage
4:35 pm
for exciting conversations. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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[ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk: hsbc is a british bank, one of the largest in the world. they were recently caught dealing not only with drug records and running their money across the world but also al-qaeda and other terrorist groups. of course, as you know, in today's world there will be no consequences. there's a minor fine, but absolutely no one will go to jail. ryan ross of abc news has more. >> when the most ruthless
4:39 pm
members can he be drug cartels wanted to hide their money they went to hsbc, along with terrorists, all customers of a bank known around the world. today, u.s. authorities said they were holding the british-based bank account automobile. psbc agreed to pay a record $9.12 billion in forfeitures. >> the largest ever. a did he everred prosecution agreement means there will be no prosecution of the bank or its top executives despite more than a decade of dealing with criminals and terrorists. >> cenk: now you heard their record fine, $1.9 billion sounds like a lot of money. why do i say it's a small fine. there's the executives testifying. the profits they brought in was
4:40 pm
about $21.9 billion, that's pretax. that means the fine was about four weeks of profit. that's a big whoop-te-do. these are the biggest money launderers for al-qaeda in the world. what do you think happens to you if you launder money for the drug cartel or you're a mule and bring it across the border? you're going to get seriously punished. there's a story we're about to tell you. why in the world did the justice department let these guys off the who can? they explained: >> cenk: what the hell are they talking about, color
4:41 pm
consequences? they explain: >> cenk: do you understand that? they're saying they're to big to jail. if we put them in jail, we would destabilize the banking system and our economy. in other words these guys can do anything they want. we cannot put them in jail, because we would destabilize the banking system. this is another level of literally criminality. before they crashed the whole system, got giant bailouts and put back into business because they're too big to fail. now we can't even jail them if they deal with al-qaeda. this is insanity. listen to this:
4:42 pm
>> cenk: oh, i do declare if they are profoundly sorry that's five. next time you're hauled into criminal court with anything, try that with a judge. you don't understand, your honor. i'm profoundly sorry. oh ok. we don't get away with it. it's a 2-tiered justice system. these guys are literally above the allow. one more thing: >> cenk: wow! a part of their bonuses. so these guys are going to continue to get bonuses but part of the bonus will be did he everred. well, i'm so sorry, i didn't know we were being that tough with them. "the new york times" has a story about a case that happened 15 years ago. it's about stephanie george. do you think that she is going to get the same kind of treatment that the bankers got? if you do, well, you don't know
4:43 pm
anything about the u.s. justice system. well, here's what happened to her. she was storing apparently a small amount of cocaine for her boyfriend in her house. and here's where "the new york times" picks it up: >> cenk: now guess what she got? a life sentence. she got a life sentence for holding a small amount of cocaine and money. hsbc was holding billions of dollars of drug money. they got no sentence. nothing. new york times explains further:
4:44 pm
>> cenk: they had no choice. when you're powerless and poor, they have no choice. they have to give you a life sentence for the smallest of crimes, but if you're part of the elite and you're banker in this world well, they also have no choice. they can't give you a sentence. you are free to go. you have a get out of jail card forever. if your in the mad about this within you're either part of the elite or you are profoundly stupid. and you let them get away with this over and over and over again. we should be in the streets over this. i mean think about if you're in her family, she is serving a life sentence while those bankers walk knowing that they did business with al-qaeda, iran, terrorist states and the biggest drug lords in the world. man, there is no justice at all. it is absolutely sick what has
4:45 pm
happened to our country where the elite not only get every advantage, financial advantage political advantage but they have also bought the justice system. there is something deeply wrong in this country. we must change it. "young turks."
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> now you know the governments been cracking down on drug dispensaries even though there's legal medicinal
4:49 pm
marijuana. george washington and thomas jefferson and james monroe and james madison grew hemp. interesting. those guys all grew hemp. of course, our last three presidents also used drugs. >> when i was inning grand i experimented with with marijuana a time or two and didn't like it and didn't inhale and never tried it again. >> cenk: i like clinton as a president but that was the most ridiculous lie i ever heard. then there was george w. bush. in a secret recording to a guy named doug weed, he said. >> of course he didn't mind putting those kids in jail for exactly what he tried. here's president obama.
4:50 pm
>> when i was a kid i -- i inhaled. frequently. that was the point. >> so it's all very funny of course when president obama jokes about it, but none the less all these people go to jail anyway for the same thing the last three done. jay carney says: >> cenk: our hypocrisy also remains unchanged. one guy fighting back is the executive director of harborside health center, one of the largest dispensaries in california. he's been a marijuana advocate for 20 years. it's great to have you with us. tell me how you got targeted by the material government. >> we've been targeted by the federal government in many difference ways, including having our bank accounts closed by the treasury department and
4:51 pm
audited by the i.r.s. most frequently, they served the landlords where we are locate to seize those properties, because they're renting to us. >> cenk: what happened to that case? >> that case is going to its first day of hearings on the 20th of this month. >> cenk: and when president obama said during his campaign back in 2008 that he would not make this a high priority, because the justice department has to cross cute a lot of cases like terrorism, but not against the banks. did you believe him at the time, were you happy that he had gotten elected penalty? >> i did. i campaigned for the president donated money to the president and so did every other medical can bass patient and supporter that i know. >> cenk: how disappointed have you been? >> we have been bitterly
4:52 pm
disappointed. we felt a sense of betrayal. i was unable to vote for the president this past election. >> cenk: what do you think the justice department is going to do? can we expect serious consequences from the federal level because of the decisions that the voters in colorado and washington made? >> unless we see a reversal, in all likelihood, the justice department will file suit against those states. i hope that doesn't happen, but if past history is any indication, that is probably what will happen. >> by the way the justice democratic and federal administration there have targeted over 100 dispensaries and shut them down in california. they have been ruthless, despite campaign promises. steve, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you for having me. >> cenk: keep fighting the fight, brother. >> states rights, right?
4:53 pm
obama, you love to agree with the republicans, why don't you agree on this. let's bring in eliot spitzer. >> cenk, susan rice saying i don't want the job, i don't quite believe her. i believe she was pressured by the white house. the white house caved once again. hsbc, little tiny slap on the risk go give money to drug lords. that's what the banks are being told over and over. i can't believe it. randy winegarten about the future of labor. we're going to have a fun time talking about tax rates. >> cenk: we just did a story on the hsbc. if you're a banker, you can't kill someone we think. >> here's what you do if you're hsbc. you go down to the drug companies and say we're open for business. we make a lot of money doing this and if we get caught, we
4:54 pm
only give back a little bit to the government and maybe a little bit of our bonuses but maybe not. but if they catch you on the street with a little reefer in your pocket, you go to jail. this justice department, failure top to bottom. lenny brewer, the assistant in charge of the criminal division, horrendous. should be gone tomorrow. gone to really. >> cenk: preach it, brother. >> i am south raged. there you have it. >> cenk: i love that. we're going to come right back with elbow of the day. exciting issue. from financial regulation, fraud on wall street. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations.
4:55 pm
at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> cenk: every night we ask you to guess the elbow of the day. victor wrote in oh, please, let it be joe lieberman. it is joe lieberman. he is leaving the senate and gave his farewell speech today. look at the pathetic level of disinterest in the senate. look at the first shot as you watch his speech and how there's almost no one there. >> today i regret to say as i leave the senate that the greatest obstacle that i see standing between us and the brighter american future we all want is right here in washington. we need bipartisan leadership to break the grid lock in washington that will unleash all the potential that is in the american people.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm

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